Fire Festival

Last night, we went in search of a bonfire to jump over to celebrate chahar shanbeh souri (see my last post), and this is what we found:

I could have left my seven-league boots at home, but it was fun anyway.

Then came the dancing. First the kids:

Then the adults (these dancers are from southern Iran – with an Arab flair):

No fireworks or beating pots with metal spoons, but there was enough kebab to feed a small, hungry nation.

About Heidi Noroozy

Heidi Noroozy is a translator, blogger, and writer of multicultural crime fiction. Her short stories appeared in German crime anthologies and have been translated into five languages. Her Cold War story, “Trading Places,” was published in the “Secret Codes” issue of Nautilus. She lived in the GDR in the 1980s and holds a degree in German language and literature from Leipzig University. She makes her home in Northern California with her Iranian-born husband and is currently writing a novel set in modern-day Iran.
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3 Responses to Fire Festival

  1. Cher'ley says:

    I would really enjoy this since I love to dance. Especially belly dance. The costumes remind me of belly dance costumes.

    • Heidi Noroozy says:

      Cher’ley, the dances the women did were also like belly-dancing, but they kept the baskets on their heads the whole time.

  2. Cher'ley says:

    forgot to hit notify

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